About Us

Celebrating 63 Years in the Shoe Industry!




Sutton's Shoes was started in 1952 by Norwood and Ethel Sutton. Norwood Sutton was a farmer outside the La Grange, NC Community. He decided to start a shoe business because of respiratory problems he was having curing Tobacco. After borrowing all the money he could from gentlemen in the community Sutton started his business. In the early days he did not have enough financial backing to stock a shoe store. He decided to buy a lot of empty boxes to make it appear he had a huge inventory.  No one ever knew over half his inventory was only empty boxes. As time progressed so did his inventory.



In the late 1960's Sutton's began selling safety shoes. At this time there were only 5 styles available. Now Sutton's stocks over 160 styles with 18 brands and has access to over 2000 styles.


In 1996 Sutton's made the move from thesmall downtown community of La Grange to the bypass outside of town. From here Sutton's started running shoe trucks to manufacturers and cities who required their employees to wear safety footwear. The first Sutton's Safety shoes truck was a 24 ft. box truck stocking about 1000 pr. of safety Footwear.  Now Sutton's operates four Safety Shoe Trucks and uses 36 ft tractors and trailers. Our shoe trucks can hold up to 2700 pr of safety footwear providing the largest on site inventory of any safety shoe provider in the Eastern United States. Sutton's is currently serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Eastern Tennessee and Northern Georgia.