Corporate Program

With a Sutton’s Safety Shoe Program your employees get the best service and selection on all types of Safety Footwear. We make it easy for employees to comply with safety Footwear requirements.

One on One Service
Our representatives have over 30 years each in the safety shoe industry. We will go over every aspect of Safety Footwear to ensure that your employees are wearing the appropriate safety footwear for their work environment. We will look at the types of safety footwear needed for your application. In addition, Sutton’s representative will go over the different types of programs. Example: vouchers, payroll deduction, subsidy, etc.

Reduced Administrative Cost
A corporate program will greatly reduce your administrative cost and allow your managers to focus on their other responsibilities. We can also customize billing, safety shoe tracking and many other aspects of a Safety Shoe Program. Just ask, and in most cases it can be done.

Future Service
With a corporate shoe program Sutton’s tracks all purchases electronically for future reference. This enables us to stock our Shoe trucks for your company’s specific needs and make recommendations as needed to give even better service.