Sutton's offers the Largest Shoe Trucks on the East Coast with 50% more shoe storage and selling space. Our trucks can stock up to 2,700 pair of safety footwear. We offer the largest seating area enabling us to service up to 6 employees at a time.

With the latest computerized inventory system on our trucks, Sutton's is better able to serve your facility and employees by:

  1. Tracking history of employees past purchases for future reference
  2. Provide faster billing by allowing our office to know what the trucks our doing in real time
  3. Quicker processing of Special Orders
  4. Enabling us to track the types of shoes employees purchase so we can better stock our shoemobiles for future visits
  5. Reducing human error

Other shoemobiles stock about 50 styles.
Our shoemobiles stock 110 styles with over 40 styles of Ladies shoes.


Services We Offer:
Sutton's can work with any type of shoe program ex: vouchers, payroll deduction, etc.

Shoemobiles can be scheduled at your convenience for any shift so that all employees have the opportunity to work in comfortable safety compliant footwear.

Our trucks are stores on wheels. We accept cash, check, credit and debit cards.